Talk Money week kicked off Monday 18th November and is running all week, and aims to get the UK talking about financial wellbeing. Blues and Twos are getting involved in the drive to promote and improve financial wellbeing. We have created a small list to help you with your finances, and money lessons that we should all know.



Budgeting is a vital lesson you should learn if you are trying to manage your finances. By creating a budget, you make the first step to controlling your finances and giving you the freedom that you need. Use the budget planner on our website to help you start off.


Saving for something feels good

Seeing your savings pot grow is rewarding, we all know we are supposed to save money – for emergencies or just for the future in general. By saving money on payday, you can reduce your stress, pay your bills and save for the better things in life. Credit Unions offer you a safe place to save your money.


It is important to shop around for the cheapest deal

Shops are there to make money, that’s their job, but your job is to keep your money in your pockets, or safe in your credit union account. By searching online or even in store you can find the best price, compare before making the purchase.


What is debt and why you should be mindful

If you can get through life with no credit, you are one lucky person! Borrowing money and taking on credit is the only way many people can afford big-ticket items, like homes and cars. ‘Good credit’ is taking on debt you can afford to repay at sensible lending rates. Whereas it is generally considered to be ‘bad debt’ if you are borrowing money to purchase depreciating assets. Some special considerations, like consolidation loans where consumers take out a low interest loan to consolidate higher interest borrowing. (that’s where credit unions can help with ethical borrowing).


Credit cards should be used with caution

Credit is the ability to borrow money, while debt is the result of borrowing money. Credit cards can be great if you are bulking up your savings, building credit, or looking for rewards. However, they can be detrimental to your finances if not used correctly. For example if you use and abuse your credit card, spend beyond your means and fail to make repayments on time you will destroy your credit score.


Credit Unions are your friend

Credit Unions can help you with regular savings, and ethical borrowing. They usually give good returns on savings, lower interest on borrowing and promote financial freedom to help you get on top of your money. Take a look at our website and see what we are doing to help over 8300 members.

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