“For some people it just means a little more effort.  Some believe they are, some believe they can never be –  Controlling your finances isn’t easy but once you start you will be more positive” says Victoria Harrison, CEO, Blues and Twos Credit Union .  Saving a little each month on payday, being confident towards good credit helps you learn how to use credit responsibly without getting into difficulty and how to use your savings to better your well-being.  The Blues and Twos member services team look to help you do all this every month.  Sensible credit today is a practical reality for most and keeping in your safe zone is key.  We encourage you to save at least £10 a month and up to what you can afford.  With our instant access accounts you can budget better.  You can save up to £500 per month direct from your pay on payday.  You can part withdraw mid-month (its like having a second payday) and on occasions when your pay won’t stretch far enough we can help you with a short term loan at competitive rates often less than your credit card APR.

V Harrison, CEO, Blues and Twos Credit Union 

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