Congratulations to our 15,000 member welcomed to the Blues and Twos Credit Union in June.  Abby said “I’d been aware of Blues and Twos since I joined Lancs in 2019 as a number of colleagues had saving accounts and recommended them but I just never got round to signing up.  When I changed job roles, we had an input on Blues and Twos and the services it offered, which was really informative.  It was really easy to sign up, took about 2 minutes to complete the online form.  Being able to manage my account online is really useful.  With the added benefit of the NIVO chat facility it means that no matter what time I’m on shift, I can send any questions through and know that I’ll get the answers when the Blues and Twos office is next open.  Having the money deducted directly from my wages to add to my savings account means I hardly notice it’s gone and the pots building up for Christmas, holiday spends or the essential emergency fund, giving me peace of mind.  Being a credit union, Blues and Twos works for its members and the service level of the staff working there really shows”.

Suzanne Slinger, Office Manager, welcoming Abby said “The cover of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) means members savings are 100% safe and we guarantee to bring a competitive Annual Dividend return for all our savers.  Joining before you are 55 gives the chance of Free Life Cover and being offered Credit Union savings direct from your pay by your employer gives two extra really great ‘Perks to the job’.

Vicky Harrison, Chief Executive Officer said “The Blues and Twos Payroll Partnership scheme is a great way for employers to help and encourage their employees with financial well-being and now more than ever is this needed as the UK starts to relax Covid19 rules later this month”.

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