Here at Blues & Twos, we understand and recognise that some of our members aren’t always able to meet their monthly commitments due to changes in circumstances and many professionals aren’t paid what they are worth. The wage for teachers, lecturers and educational professionals for instance, in the UK is constantly under fire for being too low.  With this in mind, it’s important to think about whether you manage your finances wisely and if you need any help in doing so. The stress of post Covid is enough – you don’t need additional money worries too.

A Credit Union Working for you, not for profit

Here at Blues & Twos, we’re a credit union that’s here to help you save, and there when you need to borrow. We have over 9,200 members currently, and our numbers continue to grow. This is because we are committed to taking care of our members’ financial well-being. Our members trust us because we’re looking out for them, Blues & Twos is run completely by members so every single company decision is made in the best interests of each and every member.

If you’re a teacher working within the North West of England, then you could be eligible to join our credit union. There are many benefits to joining. We’ll encourage you to save money for the future – whether you have a financial goal in mind or you just need to save for a rainy day. You’ll open a regular savings account when you join and we can arrange to deduct a certain amount from your wages every month with your employer – this way, you won’t be tempted to spend your wage as soon as you get it.  Saving direct from your pay is consistent and small amounts soon add up! Whether you want to save a minimum of £10 every month or up to a maximum of £500, we can arrange it. Not only that, but we also won’t ever keep your money hostage, you can withdraw at any time without any penalty – there are no withdrawal fees or account set up fees.

We also understand that life happens and sometimes you don’t have enough money to pay for a certain bill – whether that’s a car repair or other urgent bills. This is why we offer fixed-rate loans to all of our members and flexible options so you can choose exactly how much you want to borrow. Our affordable loans are fair and competitive and there are no hidden charges.


Piggy Bank Junior Saver


Why you should join a credit union if you’re a teacher

The time and effort teachers put into each child’s learning experience is commendable – they don’t just work during the school day either, many teachers take assignments home to check over and put together classroom activities in their own time, all to create an enjoyable learning experience.

If you join our credit union, then we’ll help you as much as we can, we’re dedicated to each of our members – whether you need to save money, need a loan or just need some financial advice, we’re here for you.


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