A reminder to all our members – whether you’ve just joined or you’ve been a part of our credit union for a while, we’d encourage you to ask your employer about joining our payroll partnership scheme if you are not already contributing monthly via your payroll


Employees – The Benefits of our Payroll Partnership Scheme

Joining our payroll partnership scheme means that you’ll be able to save money directly from your wage – whenever you get paid, the money you’d like to regularly save is taken out and put into your Blues & Twos’ savings account.

You don’t miss what you don’t have in the first place! The temptation to spend all your money as soon as it comes in isn’t a question anymore – the money is already saved and you’re one step closer every month to achieving your financial goals. You won’t have to go through the process of depositing money into your account and you can withdraw your savings whenever you want if you need to!

Your regular savings account will be getting topped up every month – it won’t stay stagnant or be a burden to you. We all know how unexpected life can be sometimes, especially with the current cost of living crisis, having some money set aside can really put your mind at ease for the future and if an emergency does pop up, you’ll have the funds to cover it. Financial literacy is one of the best life skills you can have, here at Blues & Twos, we help you work towards your financial goals.


Employers – Why Joining our Payroll Partnership Scheme will Benefit your Employees

We strongly believe that if employers work with us in our payroll partnership scheme, their employees will be much more financially secure in terms of their savings. Saving money is a lot easier when you don’t have to think about it, it’s just done for you. Make sure your employees are set up for the future by joining our payroll partnership scheme, it’s easy to set up and offers massive benefits.

Money troubles can be extremely stressful and can certainly play on our mind if we’re worried about an upcoming bill or even an unexpected one. This can drastically affect our sleep and our performance at work, reducing our productivity and overall health. If you’re an employer, you can help your employees to be a lot happier at work and even outside of work. Our payroll partnership scheme will help your employees take control of their financial situation and be able to cope with the unexpected.

Interested? Contact the team at Blues & Twos to get started! Not a member yet? If you fall within our common bond, you could be eligible to join us, take a look at our memberships page or apply now to see if you’re eligible.

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