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AboutBlues and Twos was first formed in Lancashire in1992. Never forgetting along the way our all-importantroots with Lancashire Police personnel who were thepioneers of our credit union. Today we offer new andcurrent members a well-developed credit union thatcontinues to grow with a strong 9000 membershipof employed and retired members of the Police, Fire,Ambulance, NHS, councils, education and health careproviders and more across the North West.We employ experienced trained staff, here to helpyou. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authorityand regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority andthe Prudential Regulation Authority the credit union isgoverned & supervised by the Board of Directors madeup of volunteer members who meet monthly to setpolicy and monitor business progress.If you would like more information about borrowing andsaving, please get in touch with our professional andfriendly
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