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Saving made simple withBlues and TwosAt the of your financial well-beingRegularly checking your income against your expenditurehelps you understand and manage your finances better.Saving with Blues and Twos allows your surplus, of whateversize, to quietly grow whilst you get on with looking after yourregular direct debits. Blues and Twos provides a helpful andprofessional service with information to help you manage yourfinances and save regularly.By joining the credit union you have already agreed to savea minimum of £10 each month. This amount can be increasedwhenever you like. You can also make ad hoc payments toyour savings up to £500 in any month.Your savings are covered 100% under the Financial ServicesCompensation Scheme (FSCS).Withdrawing Your MoneyYou can withdraw money from your account at any time byelectronic transfer to your bank or by requesting a cheque.There are no hidden charges or fees on any transactions. Youcan also access your account balance on line on our website.A dividend return on your savings is calculated and paidannually, gross of Income Tax.FREE Life CoverWelcome to free life cover. Adult savers (over 18 years) benefitfrom free life cover. For every £1 in your Credit Union AccountBlues & Twos will match it up to £3000. Terms & Conditionsapply. See our website for details.Junior SaversThe younger members of your family, up to the ageof 16 years, who live with you are also entitled to jointhe Credit Union as Junior Savers. When they reach 16years we encourage them to stay with us for life.
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