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Simple borrowing fromBlues & TwosCompetitive rates, fast decision,simple application.During the first 6 months of membership, we canoffer you a Standard Loan of up to £7,500 at a verycompetitive rate of interest. Thereafter the borrowinglimit increases.• No savings deposit is required.• There are no set up fees to pay.• No penalties for early repayment or monthly overpayments.• All loans for members include life cover at no extra cost.• Payroll deduction available, makes saving even easier.RepaymentsYou decide over how many months you wish to repay yourloan, up to a maximum of 60mths (5years). This type ofloan may be “topped up”, to the maximum limit, four timesin any 12 month period. For full loan terms and conditionsincluding any special promotions please visit our website.Calculate your repayments using our online loan calculator& apply today at Loans aresubject to the latest Blues and Twos Lending Policy.
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