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About Blues & Twos Credit Union

When you join Blues and Twos you are opening a Regular Saver account. Committing yourself to a regular savings plan helps you work towards financial goals and gives you peace of mind should an emergency arise. We make this even easier with deductions direct from your salary or pension (if we do not have arrangements in place with your employer we can organise savings by standing order). Small amounts to your credit union savings account soon add up! and when you need your savings we will send them direct to your bank account or load to a prepaid card. You can save from the minimum of £10 each month up to a monthly maximum of £500. You may have up to a maximum of £20,000 in total with the credit union.

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What is a Credit Union?

Blues & Twos credit union is a “not for profit” financial co-operative, owned entirely by its members and run by a trained professional team. Setting the policies, compliance and strategic governance is the Board of Directors who draw experience from a variety of business / public sector backgrounds. The team offer you ethical savings & affordable loans. “Save as you Borrow”.

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Our team are happy to help every step of the way, whether you are applying to Join, registering for Online Access or Applying for your first Blues and Twos loan.

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Blues & Twos Credit Union

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Please see our Membership page to check your eligibility to join.
Once you have joined, close family members living at your address may also qualify.

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