Passionate about helping you SAVE, there when you need to BORROW Proud to be helping over 8800 members with good financial well-being direct from their pay / pension Join the Blues and Twos family today Opening new accounts promptly for those in need of a little extra help right now during the Covid-19 situation


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  • What do I need to register for NIVO messaging? (The Chat with us App)

    When you register to access your account via our NIVO messaging app we need to verify your identity.  You will be asked to confirm your credit union member number, date of birth, email address and mobile number.  Verifications are carried out during office hours.  Thereafter you will be able to make balance requests, share withdrawal requests, apply for a loan and more via the NIVO messaging app.

  • How do I pay off my loan?

    You can pay your loan off at anytime during your term of your loan. We do not charge any early redemption fee’s, and there are no hidden charges for paying it off early. In order to pay off the loan you will need to do a simple bank transfer from your bank to our bank (you will need to contact to office in order to get our bank details).

    Once you have sent over the funds we need an email from you confirming how much you have sent and that it is to clear your loan. Once the loan is cleared you will then need to advise us how much you want to continue saving, if you pay in through your payroll. Or change your standing order if you pay in through your bank.

  • Who can join?

    Our Membership page gives full details on the occupations accepted and/or the employers already within our Common Bond.  If you can see your occupation but not your employer please contact the office and we will advise. All credit unions have a “Common Bond” – it decides who can join.  When we started out in 1992 we were here for employees & retired members of the Lancashire Police, this was extended to include Cumbria a few years later and now employees of Lancashire Fire & Rescue, Ambulance service & employees of all councils in Lancashire & Cumbria can join … and it doesn’t stop here….  For full details Applying for Credit Union Membership page.

    Once you are a member you can introduce your family who live with you and your children.

  • How do I join?

    It’s really easy to join  – Simply complete the online Membership form or if you want to talk to a member of the team first click here to “Chat with us” online.

  • How do I register and log-in to my account?

    To “Register” for online access to view your Savings & Loan Account balances and make online transaction requests simply click on the “Register” button at the top of the home page and complete the online registration.  You will need your National Insurance number and Blues and Twos account number handy.  We offer a members secure area best used on a PC or laptop AND a Web app for when you’re using your mobile or tablet.  The Registration page adapts to your device and knows the type of device you are using.  Due to added security it can take up to 24hrs for your registration to be approved.  Please note that when we are closed you may need to wait a little longer before logging into your account.

    and when you’re done…Save the B&T’s Web app to your mobile:-
    • Click on the “Sign in” link at the top of our website homepage
    • Click on the output sign on your device (box with arrow pointing out at the top)
    • Scroll to the “Add to Home Page” option
    On an Android device you need to click the 3 dots (top right of screen before scrolling) 

  • My account is disabled what shall I do?

    When you Register for online access you are asked to give a Passcode of your choice.  Due to increased security your online account will be disabled if you make attempts to login using details that are different to the Passcode submitted when you registered.  You will be given a Temporary Passcode.  This cannot be used until your account has been re-activated.

    Please make a note of the Temporary Passcode and contact the credit union 01772618833 during office hours, Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm.  A member of the team will re-activate your account.

    Important – You must enter the Temporary Passcode during your first attempt to login after re-activation. Thereafter you will then be given the option to re-set your Passcode to something more memorable.

  • How do I withdraw my savings?

    You can withdraw your savings by cheque or BACS (we send funds direct to your bank, this is usually a same day payment).  You simply sign into the Members area or the NIVO App and submit your  Share withdrawal request or you can contact the office team.  For BACS transfers you are asked to confirm your bank details using the BACS form provided and we will only transfer funds to your account.  You may have more than one account registered with us.  We do not store Third Party payment details so if you are wanting to pay a ‘Third Party’ you can request this on a Share Withdrawal form and we will post a cheque to you.

  • How much can I save / How do I change this amount?

    Members must save a minimum of £10 per month, its amazing how fast this builds up.  Members who take out a loan must make a monthly contribution to savings of £10 plus the agreed loan repayment.   The max you can save in any one month is £500.

    You can change your monthly amount as often as you like.  With deductions direct from your pay we organise the change for you with your pay office.  You just need to tell us.  Simply sign into the website, select “Online Requests” and then “Change my monthly amount”.

    An Annual dividend on the balance of your savings is calculated daily and paid annually gross of income tax.  Should your account reach the member maximum of £20,000 you will be contacted to move some funds.

  • How do I apply for a loan?

    Simply enter the amount you wish to borrow into our online Loans Calculator, decide on the best repayment period for you and select Online Loan Application. You can visit the Applying for a Loan page for more details. We will not ask you to select standard repayment periods such as 12, 24 or 36 months, you can ask for your repayment to be any period up to 5 years. If 32 months suits your budget – tell us!

    You will find our Loans Applications are strictly confidential and are processed as quickly as possible – usually within a couple of days. An added bonus is the Free life cover on both savings and loans. Life Cover Details >

  • How much can I borrow?

    In the first 6 months of Membership you can borrow up to £7,500.  When you have been a member for 12 months or more you can apply to borrow up to £25,000 and you don’t have to wait for your loan to end before applying for another one, so if you would like a car loan over 5 years and then after say 3 years you decide to change that car you just tell us and we will help you with repayment figures for your new purchase.  Alternatively you could use our Loan Calculator to help you work out repayment costs to suit your budget.

  • Change of Details – What do I need to do?

    It is really important that you keep your personal data up-to-date.  If you change any of your personal data you need to tell us. This could be a name, email or home address change or to update work details.  We will ask you to complete a change of Personal Data form.  This can be securely returned to the team using our NIVO secure messaging facility.  Simply click here to register for NIVO access and tell a member of our team the details.

  • Can I get at my money quickly?

    Yes. We will send your funds directly to your designated bank account. You simply Download BACS Authorisation Form (262.3kb), complete and send to our office to register your bank current account details onto your Blues & Twos account. When you decide to withdraw some funds you simply submit an online request via the Members Area of this website, via the NIVO Chat with us App  or contact the office by telephone (01772-618833) or in person. We will send your savings to your bank. Alternatively you may request a cheque, this can also be done online. Should you wish, we will mark this cheque “Open for cash” and it can be cashed by you, at Yorkshire Bank, Fishergate, Preston. This cheque must be collected from one of our offices, it cannot be posted for security reasons.

    You could Download Prepaid Card application (380.5kb) and check out our credit union prepaid card. Funds can be uploaded onto your card same day and the card can be used wherever you see the Visa sign. Its a great budgeting tool!

  • Is my money safe with you?

    Important information about compensation arrangements

    We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a credit union is unable to meet its financial obligations. Most depositors – including most individuals and small businesses – are covered by the scheme.

    In respect of deposits, an eligible depositor is entitled to claim up to £85,000. For joint accounts each account holder is treated as having a claim in respect of their share so, for a joint account held by two eligible depositors, the maximum amount that could be claimed would be £85,000 each (making a total of £170,000). The £85,000 limit relates to the combined amount in all the eligible depositor’s accounts with the credit union, including their share of any joint account, and not to each separate account.

    For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please call us on 01772 618833 or ask at your local Blues & Twos Credit Union office , refer to the FSCS website or call 0800 678 1100. Protecting your money – FSCS-A guide to how the FSCS protects your Money (933.9kb)

  • Do you have an office?

    Yes. Our main office is at Lancashire Police Headquarters. We are open Monday to Friday between 10am to 4pm. We also have an office within Lancashire County Council, County Hall, Preston. This office is open from 12noon-2pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Please Note: Personal callers at our main office are welcome but for security reasons if you are not currently employed by the police please contact the office to let us know when you will be visiting and bring some form of photo identification with you.

    Unlike a lot of banks you won’t have a multiple choice answering machine when you call our office – telephone calls are dealt with promptly when the office is open and personal callers are very welcome. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will give any credit union member help and advice.

  • Can I apply for Additional Borrowing?

    Yes.  We understand you may have a loan with us and at some point in the future need extra funds.  We allow you to take out additional borrowing before your current loan ends & without charging you an early repayment penalty.  You can apply for additional borrowing either by adding the amount to your existing loan or by applying for a separate loan. Sign in to your account and Check the balance of your current loan then use  our Loans Calculator to decide how you would like to apply.  The new loan may have a different term length and a different interest rate. This may mean you pay more interest than before. N.B We allow up to 3 loans in any twelve month period.  You must make 3 monthly repayments or more on your current loan before applying.

  • I am experiencing some financial difficulty and I have a loan with you. What should I do?

    We understand that some members may experience financial difficulty at some point in their life.  We ask that you contact the office at your earliest opportunity to tell us your situation so we can see how we can help. You can contact the team by telephone or Chat with us online

  • How can I make a complaint?

    Learn more about this…  

  • I can’t find the answer I’m looking for..

    We are open Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm.  Please contact the team:

    Tel: 01772 618833

    Chat to the team with our NIVO online communication channel


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Credit Union Loans and Savings

Blues and Twos Credit Union is “Here to help you Save, and there when you need to Borrow”. Owned entirely by its members and managed by a trained and professional team.

The Blues & Twos team are passionate about improving the financial well-being of all members and offer you regular saving encouragement and affordable credit union loans, repayments direct from your pay or pension, which means that you save as you borrow.

Regular savings direct from salary that you can withdraw at anytime, no account fees, no annual charge, annual dividend payment.

Affordable loans up to £25,000, with no early redemption fees or hidden costs, repayments directly from your wage.

Free life cover on your savings up to the age of 75, at no extra cost.

We help over 8800 members to manage their finances, we encourage you to join today and start enjoying the benefits.

With a non-profitable credit union, we put the focus on ensuring that you are always provided with the best service, rather than maximising profits. This way, the credit union is run with the end goal of rewarding the members. Join Blues and Twos today!

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    As Storm Barra looked set to hit the North West of England the Board of Directors knew their decision taken in September for a first every Hybrid AGM was a wise move.  This first ever hybrid AGM for Blues and Twos was welcomed by members on Wednesday 8 December.  Attending online or in-person, members listened […]

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    Congratulations to our 15,000 member welcomed to the Blues and Twos Credit Union in June.  Abby said “I’d been aware of Blues and Twos since I joined Lancs in 2019 as a number of colleagues had saving accounts and recommended them but I just never got round to signing up.  When I changed job roles, […]

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  • NEW Secure messaging increasingly popular with members…

    Just over 2760 Blues and Twos members are now using NIVO, the secure messaging option introduced at the start of the Covid19 pandemic.  By simply registering for NIVO using the “Chat with us” button on our homepage you can register for easy contact with the credit union 24/7.  Leaving a message out-of-office hours is proving […]

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  • Joining the credit union before you retire….

    Meeting with pre-retirement delegates at last weeks Police pre-retirement event held at Lancashire Police Headquarters, Hutton Lisa from the Blues and Twos team said it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, many of which were already members of the credit union.  “A great opportunity for them and us, to give details on the […]

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  • Chief Constable visits Lancashire Police Credit Union

    Our CEO, Vicky Harrison, welcomed the recently appointed Chief Constable, Chris Rowley, to our offices this week to meet with the Blues and Twos team and witness first hand the commitment and role we play in helping our members with their finances throughout their career & retirement.  Leading on well-being, Mr Rowley was keen to […]

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  • Faster loan applications with Open Banking

    Our new open banking option gives you the loan applicant, faster access to your bank account statement data to support your loan application.  Same day decisions and funds now possible for loan applications from £300-£25,000 received before 2pm Monday to Friday.  Register to ‘Chat with us on NIVO’ and we will send you the open […]

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  • The (quick fix) IVA – The Truth you Need to Know

    Blues & Twos recently received paperwork from an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) company.  Our member owed a maximum of £5,900 across three creditors (3 loans/credit cards).  The IVA company wanted to charge our member £3,750 in fees (63.5% of the members total debt) and this was just to set up the arrangement. This fee, added […]

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  • Your Health and Well-Being

    We are proud to be mentioned in the Lancashire County Councils guidance on where to find help if you are worried about your finances: Worried about money? If you or a member of your family are worried about reduced income as a result of the Corona virus this information will be useful to you. 1. […]

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    We are all in this together… Many of us have never experienced such times as these and we hope never to have to experience them again. We hope members are managing to stay safe. This includes looking after your physical and mental health. Your well-being can be affected in different ways. Financial worries are just […]

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  • Are you financially Savvy?

    “For some people it just means a little more effort.  Some believe they are, some believe they can never be –  Controlling your finances isn’t easy but once you start you will be more positive” says Victoria Harrison, CEO, Blues and Twos Credit Union .  Saving a little each month on payday, being confident towards […]

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    Talk Money week kicked off Monday 18th November and is running all week, and aims to get the UK talking about financial wellbeing. Blues and Twos are getting involved in the drive to promote and improve financial wellbeing. We have created a small list to help you with your finances, and money lessons that we […]

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  • Passing of Blues and Twos former Supervisory Committee Chair

    It is with great sadness we inform you on the passing of John (Jack) Ward on Thursday October 24th, aged 81 years. Jack joined Preston Borough Police in 1963 and worked his way up to Head of Scenes of Crime and Federation Chair before retiring in the mid-1990’s as a Detective Inspector.  Jack volunteered his […]

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  • Your Health and Well being

    This September take time to talk, think and change… RELAX and let Blues and Twos help you with regular saving and ethical borrowing. Enjoy the range of benefits when you join today, like: Instant access to your savings FREE life cover on your savings (T&Cs apply) Flexible/Affordable low cost loans £10 when you recommend your […]

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  • Helping Members with Holiday Payments

    Our lending team are working hard to approve members holiday loans as quickly as possible, funds are paid directly into your bank account THE SAME DAY. No Administrative fees, no Penalty for repaying early click here to calculate your repayments now.

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  • Credit Unions play an important role in today’s UK economy…

    Relevant for the modern age…Watch this 3 minute clip highlighting the important role played by credit unions within the UK economy.  

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  • Fairbanking 5 Stars Award goes to Blues & Twos…

    The Fairbanking Mark was awarded by the Fairbanking Foundation following a rigorous assessment which includes independent research involving borrowing members of the credit union. To receive the Fairbanking Mark, this research had to confirm that members have changed their financial behaviour for the better by having the product.  Following the 5 stars Award, on behalf […]

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