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Payroll Partnership Scheme


Payroll Partnership Scheme

We encourage employers to offer deductions direct from employees pay on pay day so that your employees can SAVE MORE EASILY and regularly.  This focus helps ‘Saving before Spending’ rather than wishing you had when it’s all gone!”

Improving the financial wellbeing of our members is key here at Blues and Twos Credit Union. We are passionate about improving financial well-being and helping members deal with the current cost of living crisis.  We invite organisations, eligible to join, the chance to offer their employees the services and benefits offered by credit union membership.
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If you can’t find your employer on the list send your enquiry to enquiries@bluesandtwos.org.uk.

Recognising the many different aspects of wellbeing, from leadership & culture, through to physical, mental and financial wellbeing. We believe outstanding employers understand the effect that employees’ financial concerns can have on their broader wellbeing and ability to perform at work. The link between money and mental health can result in everything from financially stressed employees losing sleep at night, to more serious long-term mental health issues.

With the Blues and Twos Payroll Partnership Scheme we help employers with a clear inclusive financial wellbeing strategy that is not complicated for the employer. Blues and Twos Credit Union has been encouraging members to SAVE for 30 years, BORROWING only what they need at competitive APR rates, helping the employer go beyond the ‘lip service’ of standalone financial benefits and make financial wellbeing part of the wider workplace wellbeing programme. Employers benefit from well-designed financial wellbeing already offered by this established credit union.

We help employees who are worried about money by encouraging regular saving and reducing high cost credit.

Establishing how best to support your employees isn’t always easy and can be challenging. With help from Blues and Twos you can:

  • Show & offer support to your employees
  • Get involved & help individuals with their personal finances
  • Work towards better employee financial wellbeing to help achieve your broader business goals
  • Link financial wellbeing to other areas of workplace wellbeing
  • For those joining the credit union before their 55th birthday can benefit from Free life cover (T&C’s apply)

All helping the employee…

  • Take control – explore financial education and take control of their finances.
  • Get into a savings habit – enabled employees to see how small changes in their day-to-day spending could add up to a significant pot of savings over time.
  • Cope with the unexpected – help employees to focus on being able to resolve a financial crisis and be positive towards unexpected emergency expense.

Payroll Deductions

With payments straight from your pay you can start to save and borrow today.

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    As more employers begin financial wellbeing journeys and others evolve using learnings from earlier experiences, this area of wellbeing is growing fast. While there is still resistance from some employers who see employees’ personal finances as none of their business, there is now far greater understanding that a productive workplace culture is intrinsically linked to all aspects of wellbeing. “Financial wellbeing has a major part to play in us all achieving our goals”

    For more information on this FREE Payroll Partnership Scheme and to hear more about the benefits we offer to your employees please contact Victoria Harrison, Blues and Twos Credit Union – vharrison@bluesandtwos.org.uk