Hassle free Summer

Don’t fear, Your hassle free Summer is here.
The summer is here, which means your holiday is near. Whether your trip is already booked or you’re browsing the web for the best deal. Let Blues and Twos help with the holiday spends. Apply for a Speediloan before 12pm, and you could have the money in you bank the same day.     https://www.bluesandtwos.org.uk/loans/speediloans/  
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What is a Credit Union?

Blues & Twos Credit Union is a “not-for-profit” financial co-operative, which is owned entirely by its members who all have a common goal to benefit their community, as well as being run by a trained, professional team. Setting up the policies, compliance and strategic governance is the Board of Directors who draw experience from a variety of business/public sector backgrounds.

The Blues & Twos team offer you ethical savings and affordable loans, which means that you can save as you borrow! With a non-profitable credit union, we put the focus on ensuring that you are always provided with the best service, rather than maximising profits. This way, the credit union is run with the end goal of rewarding the members.

Latest News

  • Lending Team report positive feedback

    The Blues and Twos Lending Team report positive feedback from members receiving their loans even faster than ever before with the New Loan Agreement & document file transfer system that allows electronic online signing.  The Chief Executive Officer Vicky Harrison said “Implementing DocSAFE has resulted in enhanced security for the transport of documentation to our […]

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  • An Apprenticeship with Blues & Twos — A Great Way to start your working Career

    Two years on from beginning her Apprenticeship and with many skills and competences gained, Emily talks about her Apprenticeship with Blues & Twos ….. “Starting a new path in life can be rather daunting especially when you are unsure of exactly what you want to do (as most of us are at 17 or 18).  […]

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  • Winner of Member No 13000 Competition

    Welcome to Sue Bassam who joined our membership and was the winner of our “Member no 13000” competition winning a bottle of Prosecco. Sue commented ‘Joining Blues and Twos has been a great experience. It has help me save towards my Summer Holiday. With it going directly out of my wage, I’ve hardly noticed this. I would recommend Blues […]

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  • Don’t miss out!

    SEPTEMBER OFFER   Introduce a colleague, friend or partner to Blues and Twos during the month of September.  Blues & Twos will pay, into your save account, £20 for each eligible new member introduced & joined in September 2018.      There’s only 30 days to do it – start today!    When they complete […]

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  • Hassle free Summer

    Don’t fear, Your hassle free Summer is here. The summer is here, which means your holiday is near. Whether your trip is already booked or you’re browsing the web for the best deal. Let Blues and Twos help with the holiday spends. Apply for a Speediloan before 12pm, and you could have the money in […]

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  • Sun, Sea and Same day Money

      Sun, Sea and Same day Speediloans You may have left your Summer plans to the last minute, however with Blues and Twos it’s never too late. Apply for a Speediloan of £3500 or below before 12pm and you could have the money in your bank the same day.   https://www.bluesandtwos.org.uk/loans/speediloans/ So what’s stopping you?

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  • Winner of the Blues & Twos Society Bumper Draw.

    Congratulations to John Baxter who is the winner of our July Bumper Lottery Draw.  He was overjoyed when he was advised of the win and said “we are saving for a visit to friends in Seattle so this will help towards that goal”

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  • Car Finance – No final lump sum or balloon payment

    Option 1 – Fixed APR CAR LOAN Finance amount – £10,000 Monthly repayments – £183.67 Total repayments – £11,020.15 Term – 60 Months APR – 4% Fixed Optional lump sum – Nil     Option 2 – Homeowner Fixed APR CAR LOAN Finance amount – £15,000 Monthly repayments – £275.51 Total repayments – £16,530.19 The […]

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  • Supervisory Committee are recruiting…

    The Blues and Twos Supervisory Committee are better known as the “Eyes and Ears” of the membership and are recruiting. Reporting to the Board, the Supervisory Committee carry out various checks on the compliance regulatory requirements and office procedures of the credit union. The commitment is approx. 4 hours per month. This can be split […]

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  • Work not Worry with a Blues and Twos account

    The Association of British Credit Unions, known as ABCUL, have launched a campaign just yesterday that focuses on raising awareness of the benefits for employers to partner with credit unions in offering their staff payroll membership. If you are an employee, you can also suggest your employer partner with a credit union. Payroll membership is […]

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  • 15 Years Service

    Congratulations go to Suzanne Slinger, our Office Manager, who has been with Blues and Twos 15 Years today! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts over the years Suzanne. The 2nd Blues and Twos team member to receive long service recognition in 2018 – Here’s to many more to come.

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    RETIRING THIS YEAR? “You didn’t put all your eggs in one basket when you started out so why do it now?”  KEEP SOME FOR INSTANT ACCESS….. Easy & Convenient with Blues & Twos.  Save up to £500pm / Have some of your Pension paid direct from source. You can instruct us to reduce your monthly […]

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  • Retirement Planning?

    Planning your retirement?  Remember WE offer you cover on your savings.  For every £1 held in your savings account, in the event of your death, the credit union will match up to £3,000 of your savings and pay to your estate.  YES this means we match your savings and Its FREE!  After this and if you have a loan, we […]

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  • Larger loans from 4%…

    Larger purchases don’t have to weigh heavy on your mind with a B&T loan. Loans from £7500-£15,000 are available at our lowest ever typical rate 4% APR fixed. Apply today Loan Repay Term Monthly Repayment Total Interest Payable APR Fixed £12,000 60 months £220.43 £1225.48 4% APR Fixed   Compare us to the car dealership – Own your […]

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  • Today Money – apply by 12 noon …

    Do you know as a Blues & Twos member you can apply for Today Money?  Yes, that’s right, money that will be in your bank today, the same day.  From the 1st of June all Speediloan applications received by 1pm are being paid out the same day subject to application approval. Use our Loans Calculator to work out […]

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  • Exciting News…

    Fast for all the right reasons and available now… From the 1st of June our Speediloan is even faster. Apply before 12 noon and subject to approval, funds will be in your account the same day.

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  • Encouraging Financial Wellbeing by promoting Saving via Payroll Deduction

    Blues & Twos Credit Union encourages Workplace Financial Wellbeing by promoting Saving via Payroll Deduction What better day than the first of May! To give your finances a re-think. Blues & Twos promote Saving by payroll deduction. To date we have over 7,500 members from 35 employer payroll partners working with us to encourage their […]

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  • 10 Years Service

    Congratulations go to Anna Scahill, our Member Services Team Leader, who has been with Blues and Twos 10 Years today!  Thank you for all your hard work and efforts over the years Anna – Here’s to many more to come.

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  • Keep Cool & get ahead with your summer plans

    Dont get hot & bothered booking a holiday. Take a Blues and Twos loan, spread the cost & plan ahead. Quote for £1000 over 12 months : Representative example APR is 18% (fixed). Monthly payment of £91.08. Administrative fees £0, Total Repayment £1092.96.

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  • The well-being of your finances

    SPEAK TO YOUR CREDIT UNION FIRST… Before reading on, please note: It is part of your credit union’s ethos to educate members in the wise use of their money, we cannot give advice to members in terms of Bad Debt and financial issues however we can warn you on the dangers of making hasty financial […]

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  • New look B&T Society

    Following the Society’s AGM a decision was taken to revise the monthly prizes raising the lowest prize from £10 to £20 and keeping the twice yearly Bumper Prize Draw.  Prizes starting at £20 through to £500 every month and £1000 twice a year, July & December.  Blues & Twos Society Membership means you are offering even more […]

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  • Flip Your Finances …

    Flip your finances this Pancake Day with a Blues and Twos regular savings account. Saving every month helps you manage those unexpected costs and enjoy your well earned money.

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  • Fairbanking 5 Stars Award goes to Blues & Twos…

    The Fairbanking Mark was awarded by the Fairbanking Foundation following a rigorous assessment which includes independent research involving borrowing members of the credit union. To receive the Fairbanking Mark, this research had to confirm that members have changed their financial behaviour for the better by having the product.  Following the 5 stars Award, on behalf […]

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  • Your 2018 Holiday Loan

    Pay off your holiday balance in full before you travel with a Blues and Twos Speediloan.   Amount Borrowing Repayment Period Monthly Repayment Total Payable £1000 6 Months £174.88 £1048.72

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  • Winner of Member No 12000 Competition

    Welcome to Kirtsie Fenn who joined our membership and was the winner of our “Member no 12000” competition winning a £50 One4all voucher.

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  • Need help with your New Years Resolution?

    Struggling to decide on the best New Years Resolution?  Or have you so many you don’t know where to start? Your 2018 is dependent on the decision you take today! Want to save something every month but need to reduce outstanding debt/credit cards? We can help you with both + more Contact our Member Services […]

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  • Registering for online access….

    Have you registered for online access to your account?  Register today   Online Access helps you manage your account and makes easy online BACS withdrawal requests, Changing the amount you wish to save, Applying for a loan.

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  • Need money the same day? Apply for a Prepaid Card today

    “No money Friday morning, weekend warning. Loaded Engage card Friday night, weekend delight.” Order your prepaid card today http://www.bluesandtwos.org.uk/membership/prepaid-card/ Card will be received within 2 weeks ready to upload the same day.

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  • 4% APR Fixed on loans £7500-£15000

    Get it while you can –  4% APR fixed on loans between £7500-£15000.  Unlike some lenders “The rate you see is the rate you get”.   We won’t ask you to start an online application then change the rate  – We don’t charge arrangement fees – We don’t charge penalties to settle early – WE DO […]

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  • Something for Unison members…

    Members of Unison working in Lancashire & Cumbria can now join.  https://www.unison.org.uk/…/credit-u…/directory/north-west/ Are you eligible?http://www.bluesandtwos.org.uk/membership/memberships/

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  • Leaving your employment does not mean leaving us

    Here at Blues & Twos our professional friendly staff will help you organise your transition from employment to pension or otherwise.  All our members are valued highly and just by contacting enquiries@bluesandtwos.org.uk or 01772618833  we will ensure continuous contributions into your account and don’t forget up to the age of 65 yrs we continue to cover you with FREE […]

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