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Additional Borrowing

If you wish to combine a current Blues & Twos loan with new borrowing please click here. The loan calculator at the start of the application will combine your outstanding balance with the new figure to give you the total borrowing and your new monthly repayment figure.

Tier 1 loan option

£1001 – £5000 Speediloans

Looking for up to £5000? Apply for a quick and easy Speediloan

£300 – £1000 Emergency loan

Pay back between 1 – 12 months.


Tier 2 loan option

£5001 – £25000

Payback options between 1 and 60 months

Tier 3 loan option

£10000 – £15000

Pay back between 1 – 60 months. ONLY 4.9% APR – NEW LOANS ONLY

T&C’s apply. This product is not available for Debt Consolidation


Blues & Twos Credit Union

NEW Consolidate & Save Loans

Consolidate high cost credit, loans, cards and your overdraft with a Consolidate and Save loan. You can apply to borrow up to £15,000 over 4 years. With regular saving running alongside your loan you could repay your loan early reducing the total interest payable. Decide on the amount you need up to £15,000 then choose one of the above calculators to check your affordable monthly repayment. The APR is dependent on the amount applied for.  Please note for a loan greater than £10,000 you must be a homeowner.

Affordable Loans

The Blues and Twos Credit Union are passionate about helping members to save and there when you need to borrow. Whilst saving you can apply for a credit union loan. We call it “Save as you Borrow”. We offer loans for many reasons including home improvements, holidays, cars and to support members with everyday expenses such as unexpected bills, car repairs or medical issues. We have a selection of credit union loan product to choose from based on your requirements. We offer fair and competitive fixed rates and there are no hidden charges.

The credit union loan calculator is there to give you a flexible indication as to the cost of borrowing different amounts of money over varying repayment periods. Blues and Twos is a good way to build your credit confidence and can contribute towards future lifestyle changes, such as applying for a mortgage on a house. When taking one of our loans you are also asked to save at least £10 every month, helping you to retain a monthly ‘maybe’ in your savings account. You could save enough to repay your loan early.

Please note: We solely lend to members of Blues and Twos Credit Union. We treat all members individually and all applications fairly. A Policy for Lending is followed for all application decisions.

Blues & Twos Credit Union

Terms & Conditions of Loan Agreement

Click here to download our fixed rate loan terms & conditions.