£7500 – £15000 (4%)

£7500 - £15000

Pay back between 1 – 60 Months.
ONLY 4% APR – New Loans only

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If you are applying for additional borrowing, please include your outstanding balance when using the Loans Calculator. Ensure calculator shows new total.

How much?

£7500 £15000

How long?

1 month 60 months

4% APR

Every Month£
Total Interest Payable£

Whilst every care has been made in the production of this document, the Credit Union, or its staff, cannot be held responsible for any omissions, errors or other mistakes made herein. This document is for illustrative purposes only, so as to give you, the borrower, an overview of the potential cost of borrowing. Your loan agreement will confirm your actual monthly repayments and total amount repayable. NEVER BORROW MORE THAN YOU NEED.

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What is a Credit Union?

Blues & Twos Credit Union is a “not-for-profit” financial co-operative, which is owned entirely by its members who all have a common goal to benefit their community, as well as being run by a trained, professional team. Setting up the policies, compliance and strategic governance is the Board of Directors who draw experience from a variety of business/public sector backgrounds.

The Blues & Twos team offer you ethical savings and affordable loans, which means that you can save as you borrow! With a non-profitable credit union, we put the focus on ensuring that you are always provided with the best service, rather than maximising profits. This way, the credit union is run with the end goal of rewarding the members.

Latest News


    PRIZE DRAW WINNERS – FEBRUARY 2019  ***FIRST PRIZE – £500*** LPP ***SECOND PRIZE – £150*** STUART BOALER 3rd Prize £75 LISA DAWSON 4th Prize £25             ANNE-MARIE SCAHILL 5th Prize £25 SIMON CHEYTE 6th Prize £25 SUSAN CARTMELL 7th Prize £20 FRANK WILDING 8th Prize £20 DARREN ROSSALL 9th Prize £20 CHARLES BYRNE 10th Prize £20 […]

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  • Later opening – Friday 8 February

    Staff Training —  The Blues & Twos office will open at the later time of 11am on Friday 8th of February – We apologises for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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  • B&T Society Lottery winner gets a Bumper Blues & Twos Congratulations…

    Jim Hill retired from Lancashire Constabulary in January 2017 after serving as a Crime Scene Investigator for over 20 years. He enjoys travelling and has recently returned from the USA crossing the Atlantic via the Queen Mary 2. Earlier in the year he spent 4 months travelling around Europe with his wife in their Campervan.  […]

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  • Credit Union receives letter of thanks…

    Blues and Twos received a letter of thanks from the Salvation Army for December Christmas collection.  The Salvation Army gave an extremely big thanks for our help in Preston.  It is understood they collected enough to help 291 families and a total of 908 food bags were given out.  Well done to all who help at the Salvation Army!

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  • Special retirement wishes…

    Special Retirement wishes were given to Marion Bolton on her last day with the Blues and Twos.  The Chair, Mike Beeston, Vicky Harrison (CEO) and the team met for breakfast and presented Marion with flowers, bubbly and thanks for her hard work and team spirit over the last three years.  Marion said she is planning […]

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  • A big thank you to members…

    Our third year collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries went well and your donations have been  delivered to the Salvation Army.  Thank you to all members who offered their support to this good cause.  

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  • Dividend delight for Blues & Twos members…

    Blues and Twos members agreed a very pleasing 1.25% dividend at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 11th of December. The AGM was opened with a tribute to Peter Bramley, former Treasurer who passed following a very short illness in August. Colin Berry a great friend and colleague for 50 years paid tribute to Peter, his […]

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  • Blues & Twos Society – Bumper Lottery Draw

    PRIZE DRAW WINNERS – DECEMBER 2018    *** BUMPER PRIZE – £1,000 *** JAMES HILL ***FIRST PRIZE – £500*** SIMON DENT ***SECOND PRIZE – £150*** JULIE ADAMS 3th Prize £75 LANCASHIRE POLICE 4th Prize £25 THERESA KELLY 5th Prize £25 TAYLOR RHODES 6th Prize £25 LEONARD GREEN 7th Prize £20 PAUL MARTIN 8th Prize £20 […]

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  • From 1st January 2019

    With effect from 1st of January 2019 the credit union will no longer accept bank notes or coins.  Members wishing to make adhoc payments into their account may do so via their online banking.  Please call the office if you would like further information.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • B&T Lottery – Have to be in it – to win it!

    The Blues & Twos Society is an independent organisation totally separate from the credit union.  It is run by a group of credit union volunteer members who raise money through a monthly drawn lottery.  This money helps to keep down administration costs for the credit union and so provide a better service and dividend to […]

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  • Car Finance – No final lump sum or balloon payment

    Option 1 – Fixed APR CAR LOAN Finance amount – £10,000 Monthly repayments – £183.67 Total repayments – £11,020.15 Term – 60 Months APR – 4% Fixed Optional lump sum – Nil     Option 2 – Homeowner Fixed APR CAR LOAN Finance amount – £15,000 Monthly repayments – £275.51 Total repayments – £16,530.19 The […]

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  • Work not Worry with a Blues and Twos account

    The Association of British Credit Unions, known as ABCUL, have launched a campaign just yesterday that focuses on raising awareness of the benefits for employers to partner with credit unions in offering their staff payroll membership. If you are an employee, you can also suggest your employer partner with a credit union. Payroll membership is […]

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  • Fairbanking 5 Stars Award goes to Blues & Twos…

    The Fairbanking Mark was awarded by the Fairbanking Foundation following a rigorous assessment which includes independent research involving borrowing members of the credit union. To receive the Fairbanking Mark, this research had to confirm that members have changed their financial behaviour for the better by having the product.  Following the 5 stars Award, on behalf […]

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