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Membership Benefits

Improve Your Financial Well-being Today

  1. Start saving today for FREE
  2. Save direct from your pay or pension (standing order accepted if pay arrangements not in place with your employer)
  3. Save as you Borrow as soon as you join
  4. Save minimum of £10 each month. You can change your save amount at anytime
  5. Receive a Dividend return on your savings
  6. 100% of your savings covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  7. Life cover (at no cost to you) doubles your savings up to £3000 after 2 yrs membership, T&C’s apply
  8. 24hr secure online access to your balances and a transaction request facility



Make payments to your credit union account direct from your salary or pension.  Where pay/pension arrangements are not in place with your employer we will offer payroll deduction to your employer at no charge or we can accept Standing Order. This ensures regular, hassle free saving into your credit union account. You can of course add to your savings whenever you wish.  The maximum allowed in your account is £20,000 per member. Please note – no more than £500 per month (excluding any loan repayment) may be deposited into your account.


Member Access

You can access your account balances and many online forms via the Members Area or our Chat with Us option. Simply Register for Member Access today. Registration can take up to 48 hours. Following acceptance you can log into your account using the PIN and password you supplied on your registration.


Withdrawing my Savings

You can withdraw money from your savings account at any time. You can make a Share Withdrawal request either by phone, in person or online via the Members Area or our Chat with Us option. Your savings are sent directly to your designated bank account by BACS transfer (usually takes 2 work days) or to your prepaid credit union card. To set up the BACS Transfer facility please complete & sign the BACS Authorisation form and return it to the credit union. If you do not already have a credit union prepaid card Download Engage Card Application Form.

Annual Statements

We ask you to confirm your preference for your Annual Statement of Account.  You can choose to receive a paper copy or your statement by email. We send your statement each year around the date of your birthday. You can view your account balance/s online via the Members Area or our Chat with Us option. Here you can also request additional statements at anytime.

To arrange your Annual Statement by email  simply complete the Email Statement Authorisation Form held within the “Online forms” section of the “Members Area” or tell us via our Chat with Us options.


Is my money safe?

Important information about compensation arrangements
YES – Like the banks and building societies, we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a credit union is unable to meet its financial obligations. The deposit protection limit is £85,000If your bank, building society or credit union fails, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects your eligible deposits up to the deposit protection limit. For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please call us on 01772 618833 or ask at your local Blues & Twos Credit Union office, refer to the FSCS website www.fscs.org.uk or call 0800 678 1100. Click to Download FSCS Coverage Information (3836.3kb)


Dividend on Savings

We will pay you a dividend on your savings – this is calculated daily. The dividend is declared at the Annual General Meeting (usually in December each year) and paid into your account, gross of income tax as soon as possible after that meeting.

Blues & Twos Loans

As a Blues and Twos member you can apply for a credit union loan. In the first 6 months of membership the maximum is £7,500. After 6 months of membership you can apply for up to £25,000.  Please note that Terms and Conditions apply to all loans and for a loan greater than £10,000 you must be the owner-occupier of your property.

We ask you always to consider a credit union loan for your borrowing requirements because we offer varied repayment terms from  3 months to 5 years to suit your financial needs.  There are NO set-up fees and NO early penalties for repaying your loan before the end of the agreed term.

The credit union Loans Officers follow a Policy for Lending to ensure all applications are treated fairly. From the Loans Page you can calculate your repayments & apply using the online application. You should download the Terms & Conditions. To help speed up the application process we offer online technology for electronic agreement signing and uploading of supporting documents that we ask for, to support your application.

Blues & Twos Credit Union

Already have a Blues and Twos Loan – Looking for Additional Borrowing?

If you already have a Blues and Twos loan you do not have to wait until it is fully repaid, we can help you with additional borrowing. Here’s how we do it:

Option 1

Additional Borrowing
We do not charge an early settlement fee and you will pay interest on your current loan up until we consolidate your current loan with the new application. You just need to apply online for the additional funds and we will consolidate this application with your current loan. The total value outstanding will be calculated and the new lending agreement will confirm all the details.  Remember to include your current balance when using the loan calculator.  Click here to Apply Online Today.  All applications for additional borrowing are considered providing you have maintained repayments on your current loan within the agreed terms and conditions.

Option 2

Take out a second loan at our current interest rate, to run alongside your existing loan at its original interest rate.
You can have a maximum of two Blues & Twos loans at anyone time with a combined maximum total of up to £25,000.

Call us on 01772 618833 to discuss your options. We’re open Monday to Friday 10am–4pm or Apply Online Today. These options aren’t guaranteed offers and you’ll be subject to the normal application process. The rate we offer on the new loan could be higher than your existing loan and will depend on the amount borrowed and APR rate available at the time of your application.  The agreed fixed APR will stay the same through your loan term.

Blues & Twos Credit Union

Please note: We are unable to lend to you if, within the last 5 years you have been or are subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), Debt Management Plan (DMP), Debt Relief Order (DRO) or Bankruptcy. If you have been subject to the above but it is more than 5 years ago you will be required to provide information regarding the arrangement, plan or order. If you are outside of the current Policy for Lending we will let you know as soon as possible.
Credit Unions have a responsibility to ensure we do not put people into debt and sometimes we have to say ‘No’ to individuals. We hope our members will understand this.

Junior Savers

Once you are a member you can open a Junior Saver account for your children who still share your home. On attaining the age of 16 years, they may become full members of the credit union and will be encouraged to save regularly. Junior Saver Joining Form.


Free Life Cover

We offer cover on your savings up to a maximum of £3000, yes this means we will match your savings up to the maximum in the event of your death.  To qualify; At time of death, a member must have been saving regularly with the credit union for 2 years or more, joined before their 55th birthday and be up to 75 years.  If you have a loan, we will pay 100% of any difference between your loan and savings, the remainder will be paid to your Estate. This cover is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and claims will be straightforward and administered by our Member Services Team. The administration is conducted in full by our team, your next of kin would be asked only for a copy of the death certificate. We keep things simple.(T&C’s apply)

Prepaid Card

We can help you manage your finances better with an Engage Classic Account. Prepaid cards are a simple, safe alternative to carrying cash and a great way to shop online. They are also great budgeting tools.  Click to Download Engage Card Application Form (89.1kb)  Click to Download Engage Card T&Cs (376.1kb).


Efficient and Friendly Service

You can be assured of a professional and friendly service from the credit union at all times. Victoria Harrison, Chief Executive Officer and the experienced Member Services team will always seek to make your dealings with the credit union a happy experience.

Meet the Team

Why all employers should offer a work place Credit Union…

It has been shown that the primary cause of absence in the workplace is stress whilst one of the key contributors to stress is concern about finance. Here at Blues and Twos we are passionate about improving the financial well-being of all our members. A credit union account is widely acknowledged as a Value Added Employee Benefit, appreciated by staff at all levels. Providing the support members need, treating all members as individuals.  This is a FREE service to those employers within the Common Bond (See Eligibility to join).  Linking in with Blues and Twos can help your organisation:

  • Improve productivity
  • Address absenteeism through sickness and stress
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve the working atmosphere
  • Provide the basis for regular saving and prudent borrowing
  • Educate employees in financial well-being / financial management

We offer a free introduction to credit union saving and borrow. To find out how Blues and Twos could help your organisation contact Victoria Harrison, Blues & Twos Credit Union Head Office, vharrison@bluesandtwos.org.uk  – 01772 618833.