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Lancashire County Council Credit Union


Blues & Twos Credit Union for You

Blues & Twos is a reliable credit union offering cheap loans and savings accounts for council workers. We’re here to help you save and our team is there for you when you need to borrow. We’ve been established for nearly 30 years helping our members reach financial happiness by offering advice on savings, loans and what’s affordable within their current lifestyle – helping our members become wiser with money and financially savvy.

Not only do we offer affordable loans and a savings account for council workers, but we also offer free life cover, a lottery, withdrawals without penalty and fixed rates on loans from £300 all the way up to £25,000. You can deposit into your savings account straight from your salary or pension, this amount can be as little as £10 per month to as much as £500 per month – we also offer deposits from a standing order.


Lancashire County Council

If you work within the Lancashire County Council and you’re looking for a credit union for cheap loans and a savings account, then look no further than Blues & Twos! You’re eligible to join our credit union for Lancashire council workers.

Take advantage of all the exclusive benefits that come with membership, the process of joining is easy and quick.


If you work for Lancashire County Council apply to join Blues & Twos today.

We’re a credit union that accepts members from employees within the Lancashire County Council. Join now by clicking the button below.