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Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Credit Union


Blues & Twos Credit Union for You

Blues & Twos is a credit union and only people who fall within our common bond are eligible to join. When joining, you’ll be committing yourself to a regular savings account that will help you work towards your future financial goals and prepare you for if an emergency arises. You can deposit anywhere between £10 per month to £500 per month straight from your pay or pension or even through a standing order.

We make it easy for you to save and we also make it simple for you to borrow. You can take loans out from £300 to £25,000 which all have fixed rates. Join our credit union today and you’ll be making your first steps to reaching financial happiness. Our team are dedicated to providing you with advice on affordability, savings and loans, we want to make sure you avoid getting into piles of debt and become wiser with money.


Lancashire Enterprise Partnership

If you work within the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and you’re looking for a safe and secure credit union you can put your money into, then we are the ideal fit for you. Your money will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

A credit union for employees within the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, take advantage of our cheap loans and regular savings account.


If you work for Lancashire Enterprise Partnership apply to join Blues & Twos today.

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