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Local Council Employee in Lancashire Credit Union


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Blues & Twos is here to help you save and is there for you when you need to borrow. We’ve been taking care of our members’ financial happiness for over 30 years, throughout this time, almost 9,000 people have joined us. If you’re eligible to join, we can offer you affordable loans with fixed rates and a regular savings account helping you save for the future and be prepared in case an emergency arises.

To join our credit union, you must fall within our common bond. This means you’ll have to be employed by or retired from one of the employers on our list or you’re eligible if you live with a current member. You’ll have access to loans, savings, a lottery, withdrawals at any time, advice from our expert team, additional borrowing and the ability to manage your finances better. What are you waiting for?


Local Council Employee in Lancashire

If you’re a local council employee in Lancashire then we’re excited to tell you that you’re eligible to join the Blues & Twos credit union! This is a great opportunity to be able to save for the future and take out a loan if you find yourself in a tough spot.

Credit union for local council workers in Lancashire, working for you, not for profit. Join today to get access to all of our exclusive member benefits.


If you work for Local Council Employee in Lancashire apply to join Blues & Twos today.

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