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Local Council Employee in Merseyside Credit Union


Blues & Twos Credit Union for You

Blues & Twos is a reliable credit union offering affordable loans with fixed rates and savings accounts for our valued members. We are run by our members and work for you, not for profit. When depositing with us, rest assured that your money is completely safe. We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), exactly the same as banks & building societies. You must fall within our common bond to become a member.

To join our credit union, you must be currently employed by or retired from one of the employers on our list, you can also become a member if you are living with a current member. You can deposit straight from your salary or pension into your savings account. This deposited sum can be anywhere between £10 per month to £500 per month. We take pride in making sure our members are improving their financial well-being.


Local Council Employee in Merseyside

If you’re a local council employee in Merseyside, then you are eligible to join our credit union offering cheap loans and savings accounts. When you join, our team will make it their mission to help you reach financial happiness.

Ready to join our credit union for local council workers in Merseyside? Blues & Twos would be extremely happy to have you on board!


If you work for Local Council Employee in Merseyside apply to join Blues & Twos today.

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