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Blues & Twos is a credit union ran by its members. We are committed to providing our members with financial happiness. You can open a regular savings account and take out cheap loans when you join, our loans have an extremely low APR rate and when you deposit money into your savings, you’ll rest easy knowing that we’re covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Banks & building societies are also covered by the FSCS.

Depositing into your savings account couldn’t be any easier – our team will arrange for your employer to deduct monthly costs from your salary or help you with depositing straight from your pension. An alternative is depositing via a standing order. When you want to withdraw your savings, you can do this at any time with no penalty, we want to make sure you’ve got the funds should an emergency arise.


Local Pension Partnership

If you work within the Local Pension Partnership then you are eligible to join our credit union! Join now and get access to cheap loans and a regular savings account, improving your financial well-being has never been easier with Blues & Twos.

A credit union for employees who work for the Local Pension Partnership, join today to get access to all of our members’ benefits.


If you work for Local Pension Partnership apply to join Blues & Twos today.

Save as you borrow with Blues & Twos – a credit union that works for you, not for profit. To start the application process, click the button below.