Start planning today so you have the time to research the best places to spend your hard earned cash.  Check out voucher schemes and promotional codes.  Check out the Blues and Twos card for retail outlets offering cashback to reduce the cost of Christmas.  Apply today for Credit Union Card

Make Christmas 2020 the best ever!

Christmas Loan

Here at Blues & Twos we offer affordable Credit Union Christmas loans which can be ideal for forward planning.  Being Financially Savvy, positive and confident towards credit helps you learn to take responsibility for your finances, giving you the ability to forward plan and make the best savings on essential and luxury purchases, helping you balance your spending without the worry of expensive interest rates weighing down your forward planning and excitement.

Blues and Twos Loans 

~Free life cover on all loans and up to £3000 of your savings matched.  Scroll down the Membership Benefits page for more information