Calling all NHS workers and healthcare employees working in the North West of England! You could be eligible to start regularly saving your money and taking out loans when you need them. Blues and Twos is a credit union for NHS workers, healthcare employees and many other public sector staff working within the North West of England, providing affordable loans and savings accounts.

The importance of our NHS cannot be overlooked; not many countries have a healthcare service like ours here in the UK, so we should treasure it and the people that work within it – without them, there would be no NHS. Whether a doctor, nurse, ambulance driver, paramedic, midwife or pharmacist – they all keep the gears of our NHS running smoothly. And of course, they deserve to be able to have enough money to pay for their bills and treat themselves once in a while.

Many of our members work within the NHS – everyone knows that NHS workers have extremely long hours, whether they work in hospitals or healthcare, this can mean they don’t have extra time to think about budget planning, how they’re going to save money or how they’re going to pay that bill on time. Here’s where Blues & Twos come in; instead of adding to the stress that NHS workers must face, we provide peace of mind to our members because they know that they’re being smart with their money. We can arrange a direct payroll deduction into your savings account with your employer, this means that you won’t be tempted to spend your money as soon as it comes into your bank account. By saving regularly, you’ll be on track for any financial goal you have in mind or simply have enough saved if an emergency arises and you desperately need funds. You can save anywhere between £10 and £500 every month, so we’re extremely flexible when it comes to savings accounts for NHS workers.

You can be sure your money is 100% safe with us, we are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), exactly the same as banks are. Also, we won’t ever keep your money captive – you can withdraw from your savings account at any time and there won’t be any fees or charges.

The ability to manage money isn’t taught in schools enough, financial literacy often has to be taught to children by family members or they have to work it out themselves whilst navigating life in their adulthood. Because of this, many people nowadays find it extremely hard to save their money. With Blues & Twos, we’re complete experts in all things to do with finance and we make it our mission to teach our members to be wiser with their money – when you join our credit union, you’re committing to regularly saving and you have access to fixed-rate loans if you find yourself in a tough spot or simply don’t have enough for a new car or that dream holiday. So, whilst we can’t change schools’ curriculum, we can make a difference by educating our members and directing them towards financial happiness.

Talking about schools, we also have a junior saver account option, so you can teach your children how to save money and they’ll be set up for life – you will be the trustee of the account until your child reaches 16, then they can become full members of Blues & Twos. There are no charges for withdrawals on our junior savers either and you receive an annual dividend!

As well as the benefits of saving regularly, we also provide fixed-rate affordable loans for NHS workers and healthcare employees. Whilst you’re saving with Blues & Twos, you might find yourself in a situation where you need a new car, are desperate for a holiday or an emergency arises and you don’t have the funds for a bill, repair or finance payment. If a situation does happen where you need funds that you don’t yet have, you can apply for a loan with Blues & Twos whilst still saving, we call this “Save as you Borrow”. All of our loans are fair and competitive, we provide them in the best interest of our members. After all, we are run solely by our members, so every decision made is one that benefits you.

If you work within the NHS and you’re interested in opening up a regular savings account, taking out affordable loans and having financial experts on-hand to offer up advice and guidance, then become a member of our credit union today.

Well-being leads / HR managers interested in more information on payroll deduction schemes for your employees please contact Vicky Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Blues and Twos Credit Union.  We are encouraging employers across the North West to consider the Blues and Twos Credit Union second-to-none Payroll Partnership.  Within a few minutes you could be considering a great financial well-being option for your employees with savings direct from their pay.  Credit Unions are all about driving good savings habits!  At the head of the Blues and Twos team, Vicky makes sure the team are professional, friendly and offer various ways of communication to suit members.  Helping employers understand the financial emergencies faced by employees and encouraging their employees to make informed decisions about their finances is all part of our drive.  Credit Unions are different to many commercial saving and lending organisations who are driven by profit.  The Blues and Twos Credit Union not-for-profit status keeps money circulating within the membership making sure every member sees a return on their savings. Joining is easy with the Blues and Twos online straight forward application and for employees the offering of payroll deduction is greatly assisted by the Blues and Twos payroll team.

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